Collection of Youtubed world news

About NewsAntenna

This web site is an antenna website to collect English world news on Youtube.
The news could be updated per 10 minutes, so if you love checking IT news, please add Home page onto your favorite list and access straightway.
*The time and date on this website is based on GMT+0.

“NewsAntenna” has a twitter account and tweet the updates.
If you don't mind the plenty daily tweets and twice click to access the news article, please follow the account from below.

And also, “NewsAntenna” has a web banner, here

What is “Antenna website”
Antenna website is a website to collect the information along a specific thema from the other websites, in most case, via RSS.
Actually, this is like a "link website" which has already exsited since personal websites became popular, maybe around 1997.
But, in case of antenna website, you can get hot topics on one website insted of going to many websites, thanks for RSS.
If your news preference matches the thema of antenna website, you can save time and also find new favorite websites which are selected by the antenna website's owner.
Antenna website is getting popular in Japan....I think.

If you have any question about this site, please post it onto “DISQUS” below.

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